Teen stunned to be given car insurance quote of £11,500 a year by Aviva for her Peugeot 206


Teen stunned to be given car insurance quote of £11,500 a year by Aviva for her Peugeot 206 insurance

AN OUTRAGED teen motorist has slammed Aviva for offering her a car insurance quote of £11,500-a-year – SIX TIMES the value of her vehicle.

Naomi Bowler, 19, previously insured her factory standard 2007 Peugeot 206 using a black box at a cost of £96-a-month.

Naomi, who has no claims and says she parks her car outside her home in a quiet area, applied for Aviva insurance after the firm was recommended by a family friend.

The mental health support worker, who earns £1,400 a month after tax, says their quote would eat up most of her wages and equated to 10 monthly payments of £1,107.72 and a deposit of £1,923.66.

The teen claims she could buy a new car each month for the same money, since her Peugeot was only £1,700 when she bought it last November.

Naomi, from Folkstone, Kent, said: “I was absolutely disgusted when I saw the figure. I just couldn’t believe it.

“I was expecting it to be quite high because I have only been driving since last December, but I thought it would be maybe a couple of grand a year.

“When I first saw it said £11,500 I thought I must have misread it at first. I just didn’t believe it. I then thought I must have put in my details wrong as it was so high.

“But then I put through my details again and it was exactly the same.”

She added: “When I complained to them they didn’t seem surprised by it at all. They just put it down to one of those things.

“I think they are just over-cautious of people my age, but I don’t think that’s a good enough reason. I think they are effectively just pricing me out. How do they expect a 19-year-old to be able to afford that? Maybe they just don’t want young drivers at all.

“I have no idea where I would get £11,500 from. If I was going to do that I may as well just buy a new car every week – I could afford to write off a car each week. I can’t even imagine doing that much damage to anything. I would have to hit every car down the street.”

Naomi bought her factory standard 2007 Peugeot 206 last year, it is automatic and has 64,000 miles on the clock.

She insured it with no other named drivers and uses it for social and domestic purposes, including commuting to her place of work.

A spokesperson for Aviva said: “We’re unable to comment on this case specifically but generally premiums for young drivers are higher, due to the increased risks of accidents and serious injury. An inexperienced or new driver will pay considerably more than an experienced driver who has been claim free for many years.

“Insurance reflects the risk a customer brings to the insurance ‘pool’ and is based on factors which are unique to the customer – such as the car they drive – as well as other factors, such as claims costs.

“Although the type of car driven is one of the factors that’s taken into account when calculating premiums, it’s a sad fact that young drivers are much more likely to be involved in a serious accident, often involving multiple passengers, and it is the cost of handling these claims – not the car itself – which is responsible for the majority of the cost of motor insurance faced by young drivers.

“According to road safety charity, Brake, drivers age 17-19 make up only 1.5% of UK licence holders, but are involved in 12% of fatal and serious crashes and they are more than twice as likely to die in a crash as drivers aged 40-49.

“One in four 18-24 year olds (23%) crash within two years of passing their driving test and young male drivers are involved in many more crashes than young female drivers. Young drivers are also more likely to be involved in fatal accidents at night time and accidents involving several passengers, often with serious or catastrophic injuries.

“There are specialist insurers in the market who offer insurance specifically for young drivers using telematics technology, which help to monitor driving behaviour, and young drivers may find these companies more competitive.”