All citizens to get health insurance: Gagan Thapa


All citizens to get health insurance: Gagan Thapa insurance

Dec 5, 2016- Health Minister Gagan Thapa has said that the government will provide mandatory health service insurance to Nepalis.

Minister Thapa, inaugurating an 8-room building of the Chautara Secondary School, in Dhading on Monday said that health insurance is the most important decision of his term as health minister adding that the poor and disadvantaged will not have to lose their life due to lack of health service.

Health Minister Thapa said that he is bringing such policy to meet the demands of Dr Govinda KC, so that he does not require carrying out other hunger strikes.

TUTH senior orthopaedic surgeon Dr KC ended his 10th hunger strike on the 22nd day on Sunday morning.

Likewise, Minister Thapa recognising the contribution of non-governmental organisations in the reconstruction and rehabilitation post earthquake said that the NGOs exceeded government in post quake rebuilding.