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Top Car Insurance Companies - Consumer Reports insurance

Since the late 1990s, two companies, USAA and Amica Mutual, have consistently stood head and shoulders above the competition in our car insurance Ratings of claims satisfaction, based on the personal experience of more than 128,000 customers over the past 17 years. Generally, higher quality comes with a higher price tag. But does that hold true for car insurance?

Our investigative report, "The Truth About Car Insurance," found the surprising answer. 

As the tables below show, USAA and Amica were bargain priced for our group of eight hypothetical single drivers with clean driving records and excellent credit scores, averaged across all the ZIP codes in the 23 states where USAA and four other big national brands are all market leaders. This was also true when we looked at a subset of 10 states where we also had apples-to-apples price data for Amica and the five other major insurers. The price quotes were collected in August 2014 and November 2014.

Based on their personal experience, many of our readers found the same thing about these top car insurance companies. For example, Jeannine Sawicki told us via Facebook that she’s been with USAA for 40 years, "and they are amazing in every way. Every five years or so, I get a quote from someone else, but it never comes near USAA." Sawicki says USAA’s customer service is outstanding and response to claims and questions is quick.

"AMICA! Fabulous; I’ll never leave them," commented Rosemary Chieppo, also on Facebook.