A crime wave has put home insurance up in Hedon


A crime wave has put home insurance up in Hedon insurance

Police insist crime is not getting out of control in Hedon, where residents are complaining about a surge in offences.

Residents have been alarmed by increasing reports of break-ins, thefts and antisocial behaviour, highlighted on social media sites, including in Hedon: Blues and Twos on Facebook.

Humberside Police has confirmed there has been a 10 per cent increase in crime and they are assuring residents patrols have been stepped up and suspects have been arrested.

A crime wave has put home insurance up in Hedon insurance

Joseph Hodge, 22, is among Hedon residents alarmed by the sudden increase in crime in the town.

Mr Hodge, a project engineer, said: “Over the past few months there has been a increase in theft, antisocial behaviour and break-ins. It is getting to the point where people’s insurance on their homes and cars are increasing.

“To top all this off there hasn’t been a huge police presence or much outcome from the police on catching the people committing these crimes."

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People in the town say they have been the victim of crimes including sneak-in thefts, garage and shed break-ins.

Mr Hodge said: “People are starting to get a bit annoyed with the with the amount of crime being committed. You read about it on Hedon: Blues and Twos constantly.

“Hedon used to be the sort of place where you could leave your door unlocked when you were in the house but now you have to keep everything locked. I park my car in front of the garage now on a night because it seems garages are being broken into as well.

“There has not been a lot of input from the police to tell people what is happening, what they are doing about it or giving people advice and telling people to be vigilant."

Residents have claimed the crime wave is putting up people’s insurance.

Mr Hodge said: “Someone said they had renewed their house insurance and car insurance and it had cost them an extra £300 a year due to the fact there is increased crime in the area."

He is now concerned a crime victim might take the law into their own hands.

“I am worried that some innocent person will apprehend a criminal and they will be charged with assault because someone is taking their property," he said.

“The police need to tell the people in Hedon and the surrounding area their plan to do something about the problem."

A crime wave has put home insurance up in Hedon insurance

Inspector Mark Coulthard said police have stepped up patrols and arrested suspects after a 10 per cent increase in crime in the town.

He said: “It is not out of control, which is what people are implying on social media sites. There has been a cluster of crimes, including burglaries of sheds and garages and the theft of bicycles.

“A lot of it has been around Drapers Lane, the Westlands Road area, Saint Augustine’s Gate, Church Lane and the Inmans area.

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“We are aware of a number of people committing offences. We have had two people in custody so far. We have had property recovered from properties in Hedon.

“People are going through the justice system at the moment and there are a couple of other people we are looking at."

Insp Coulthard is urging residents to report any suspicious behaviour to police.

He said: “People will see more patrols in Hedon, there will also be patrols they won’t see because they are happening in the middle of the night.

“We have stepped up stop and check patrols. It is important people report suspicious activity to us by calling 999 if they see prowlers.

“Fifty per cent of our burglaries are happening because doors and windows are insecure so people should keep their property locked."

Police are also investigating spate of offences in Withernsea, where dozens of vehicle tyres have been damaged, including in the Queen Street and Kirkfield Estate area.